At the 3rd Steering Committee Meeting TRIBUTE project consortium analyzed the results from project period 2 and announced future milestones towards which partners should thrive during the 3rd project period and onwards. Since a minor budget modification will be launched in spring 2022, the budget change tool has been presented to project partners highlighting main rules. Additional information will be shared between partners when the budget modification procedure takes place. Furthermore, Monitoring & Evaluation – Risk and Quality report will be drafted. This document will take into account different aspects and require the use of different tools: physical, financial, processes, impact, implementation, roles and responsibilities.

Project capitalization activities have bee also introduced, including the participation in ADRION events and the organization of joint events with other projects operating in the Adriatic-Ionian area. While Politecnico Milano proposed the European Transport conference, scheduled for September 07 – 09, 2022 as one of the possible events suitable for capitalization purposes, the City of Maribor suggested the “Velo-city” conference in Ljubljana (14-17 June 2022) to be included in this list, while the City of Sarajevo proposed the “European Mobility Week” to be held on 16-22 September 2022.

Regarding TRIBUTE core work packages, one of the most important steps concerns the creation of the Transnational Network for sharing results, experiences and other data acquired thanks to the Pilot Action implementation. The final aim of sharing experiences within the Transnational Network is to provide tailored policy recommendations and identifying best practices. The Transnational Network is foreseen to meet back-to-back with the project Steering Committee Meetings starting from the next one, expected to be in June/July 2022, plus an additional one at the end of 2022. As for the project partners’ pilot action implementation, here is the update on the actual progress:

  • MILAN: Living Lab was launched on December 2nd and the definition of the DSS is ongoing.
  • LJUBLJANA: Living Lab was launched on December 15th; the pilot action is running and so far, five thousand passengers used the Klinko Kalivir.
  • MARIBOR: Pilot action implementation is slightly late due to the tender procedures.
  • ZAGREB: Pilot action implementation is slightly late due to the tender procedures.
  • PATRAS: Two tender procedures will be concluded in March 2022, afterwards the Living Lab will be launched, and the Pilot Action started.
  • NOVI SAD: Living Lab was launched; two tender procedures were launched for the pilot action. The testing will start on summer 2022.
  • SARAJEVO: Living Lab was launched and a workshop with URBAN DNA was held. Thanks to the workshop, PP8 is planning to upgrade the pilot action to the creation of a mobility island.
  • PODGORICA: The first tender procedure is about to be concluded, afterwards the Living Lab will be launched.

Communication activities are being conducted in accordance with the general TRIBUTE progress while the official Communication and Dissemination Plan should be finalized during the 3rd reporting period. Within the work package for creation of a transnational strategy devoted to policymakers the implementation has started with its initial steps:

  • The creation of a planning tool, to be developed with the aim of creating a transnational strategy for a more sustainable mobility system in the Adriatic Ionian Region;
  • The discussion and analysis of the living labs &pilot actions results;
  • The identification of policy recommendations to be included in the transnational strategy.

The ‘Study of the socio-demographic changes and traveler behavior in the AI region’ is ongoing.