Politecnico Milano and Municipality of Milan jointly organized a follow-up meeting on the pilot action implementation. The meeting was held on March 25, via GoToMeeting Platform – ESP, with a purpose to determine the template of pilot actions’ midterm evaluation form, concerning the implementation. For this reason, representatives from each partner city presented the real state of progress of their pilot action activities, assessed the risks and challenges faced so far on the development of the pilot action providing solutions if possible, and shared their thoughts on modifications potentially planned to be implemented into partners’ original pilot actions.

Regarding the pilot action implementation status per project partner (PP):

  • PP2 (MILAN) – Developing a DSS to support the mobility during big events. The design of the DSS is almost finished, whereas accessibility through public transportation by car was prioritized, by incentivizing carpooling and promoting active mobility with sharing mobilities.
  • PP8 (SARAJEVO) – Moved away from the concept of e-chargers to the idea of mobility islands. The City of Sarajevo launched the living lab in March 2022 where the concept of mobility islands was discusses with the stakeholders. Some delays regarding the public procurement occurred. The location for conducting the necessary operations will soon be chosen, after which the pilot action starts and then gradual scaling.
  • PP5 (ZAGREB) – Delays regarding the whole pilot action implementation. Updates on managing the public procurements – expected launch by the end of the summer.
  • PP3 (LJUBLJANA) – All the pilot action activities are going according to plan with no significant delays. Ljubljana will start with the pilot action area preparation. The city is currently counting users – a public transport service provides a service daily, while the data on passengers is being monitored in real time. PP3 will also develop an application also aiming at improving the accessibility of deaf individuals.
  • PP4 (MARIBOR) – The pilot action implementation is slightly late due to the tender procedures and there are not major updates.
  • PP6 (PATRAS) – Procurement process in delay, but PP6 plans to solve it in April after which the pilot action will be ready for implementation.
  • PP7 (NOVI SAD) – The scope of the application has been defined and is progressing as planned. Because of the complexity of the technical specifications of the tender, designing the smartphone application took more time than initially planned.
  • PP9 (PODGORICA) – Everything is proceeding according to the plan. The procurement was a bit delayed, but it did not affect the development of the activities.

In terms of challenges, procurement delays and complexity of the technical specifications were pointed out as the most common obstacles. But the general consortium opinion is that there are no challenges which are influencing negatively on the pilot action development. Furthermore, concerning the potential risk, more precisely the one referring to the lack of stakeholders’ participation in living lab activities, most of the partners confirmed that this did not occur.

The majority of the partners did not face any major modifications. On the other hand, the City of Sarajevo shared that they changed the concept from e-chargers to mobility islands.

On the second part of the meeting the proposed template for the evaluation of pilot actions midterm implementation was presented by the Municipality of Milan. Its structure includes four main parts:

  1. General overview of the state of progress of the pilot action proposed activities
  2. Summary of the progress tracking of the proposed results of all partners
  3. General assessment of the risks and challenges of the pilot action
  4. Adjustments on the pilot action implementation

Project partners did not have any suggestion concerning the presented form, so it was accepted as for the forthcoming midterm evaluation of TRIBUTE Pilot actions implementation.