As one of the essential components for the comprehensive implementation of the TRIBUTE project, on November 12, the project consortium was presented with a knowledge platform that is crucial for a proper Living Labs implementation. A knowledge platform will be introduced with a view to sharing the results of the actions and exchanging best practices with end users regarding low-carbon city-transport measures. It will be dynamic and interactive and will aim to facilitate the access to best practices, contributing to transfer them to those seeking proven solutions that can be easily implemented, or instance, by public authorities.

Prior to the online presentation it was agreed that EUSAIR Stakeholder Platform (ESP), managed by Marche Region, be adopted as TRIBUTE Knowledge Platform. This way an added value for ADRION Programme will also be achieved through intertwining two Interreg projects – EUSAIR & TRIBUTE. Politecnico Milano and Marche Region considered of a meaningful importance the organization of an “ESP Seminar” in order to show to the project partnership the platform functionalities and technical features and how the ESP could support the launch, development, and implementation of the 8 Living Labs through the interaction with the stakeholders as well as sharing of information, organization of meetings or events with and within partnership and target group.

In this regard, Marche Region representatives provided interactively an insight into platform which currently has more than 1.090 users, from 9 different States and belonging to 9 different categories of stakeholders. ESP also features specific multipurpose structure divided between 4 unique channels as shown below.

For conclusion, TRIBUTE project partners were introduced to ways of using the platform practically in order to virtually:

  • find out existing projects, trends report and documents on EUSAIR channels;
  • be informed;
  • organize on-line events;
  • create surveys;
  • be part of different groups around specific issues;
  • share documents & have documental repository;
  • post events.

Within the discussion section of webinar TRIBUTE WP Leaders (POLIMI, Milano, Maribor and Zagreb) expressed their views of potential ESP use. This includes more direct involvement of Living Lab stakeholders, improved inputs exchange between partners and stakeholders involved in Action Plans development & Pilot Actions implementation, and boosted support to TRIBUTE communication and dissemination activities. For the sake of optimized use of knowledge platform two levels will be incorporated for TRIBUTE needs in ESP:

  1. City (Partner) level – where relevant stakeholders will be directly involved in the LLs implementation and Action Plans finalization as well as Pilot Actions realization;
  2. TRIBUTE (Project) level – where all target groups will be included for a wider development of the Transnational strategy for sustainable and innovative mobility in the cities of the AI region.