With the easing of COVID-19 restrictive measures, several EU events are using this opportunity for live gatherings. One of these events is URBACT City Festival 2022 which was held in Pantin / Greater Paris (France) from 14 to 16 June 2022, where European cities got the chance to exchange ideas, network and present the results of their work and get inspired for project implementation. 450 European city representatives that were present witnessed the presentations from top-level practitioners on bottom-up initiatives on climate, inclusion and urban innovation.

Among attendees, Mr. Ivosevic, the representative from Novi Sad (TRIBUTE project partner city), was also present during the whole conference. Event’s sessions were focused on three main topics:

  • Green cities – following the main Festival theme, this session tackles issues around climate change, energy transition, circular economy;
  • Inclusive cities – covering issues around ending homelessness, culture for all, and inclusive policymaking;
  • Connected and attractive cities – covering innovation, digitalisation, mobility, economic transitions and more to help cities stand out.

Since the nature of TRIBUTE project is very much so connected to various aspects of these 3 sessions, Mr. Ivosevic also made a presentation on our project goals and achievements so far, with an emphasis on urban mobility, environmental protection and the living labs through which TRIBUTE aims to provide innovative and sustainable solutions, not only in Novi Sad, but also for the whole project consortium. An invitation for cooperation by Mr. Ivosevic was given to those present, to join in future EU calls for the development of a new phase of our project.