After the fantastic week, VELOCITY 2022 conference organized in Ljubljana came to its end. More than 50 exhibitors coming from across Europe arrived to discover the latest cycling innovations, to learn, to network and foster new partnerships. Starting from day 1, this event offered a high-level opportunity for policy-makers, academia, industry and consumers, to acknowledge the key role the bicycle plays in building a more liveable world.

On that trail VELOCITY 2022 putted an emphasis on several topics which are focused on the promotion of sustainable transport system. These highlights refer to: National Strategies & Traffic Reducing Measures, Importance of City Administrations in Cycling Promotion, Citizens’ Involvement, Economic Benefits of Cycling Tourism and Urban Mobility Innovation. While waiting for the next year’s cycling event, VELOCITY 2023 in Leipzig, participants and cyclists can relive these rich 5 days by remembering the atmosphere from Ljubljana.

TRIBUTE, on the other hand, managed to capitalize on VELOCITY event’s importance through the project’s showcase in presenters’ area. With a thematic focus on Green Cycling Routes, which are one of the three main subgroups in terms of TRIBUTE pilot actions, our presenters from Politecnico Milano, Ljubljana & Maribor shared their vision of our project, by providing some insight in 3 cities’ pilot activities – Ljubljana, Maribor & Zagreb. This occasion was also the first opportunity for consortium to publicly present the project in EU context, and as such the venture is to be considered as a success.