The Municipality of Milan in its capacity as leader of the WP T2 – Identification of action plans supporting the implementation of innovative and sustainable mobility measures, successfully organized on 7th September 2021, three thematic technical meetings with the TRIBUTE project partners. The meetings, supervised by the Politecnico Milano, Lead partner, covered 3 different focuses about the strategies for sustainable mobility in the Adriatic-Ionian (AI) region, to which the TRIBUTE Actions Plans will contribute:
• Innovative public transport services
• “Green” cycling routes network
• Management of highly congested road corridors

Accordingly, three sub-groups were formed based on the specific goals of project partners’ Action Plans and identified pilot actions, to be developed within the TRIBUTE living labs.

Ljubljana, Novi Sad and Sarajevo, participated in the sub-group on Innovative public transport services. From their plans emerged that incentives to Public Transport (PT) for decarbonization of transport, and the promotion of innovative and tailor-made PT services are primary common elements. In addition, specific actions could be undertaken to tackle challenges of aging population and demand for new mobility services (e.g. sharing, door-to-door, seamless…), including advanced public transport information systems and alternative green transport solutions.

Maribor, Zagreb and Patras participated in the sub-group on “Green” cycling routes network and focused on accessibility and promotion of bicycles use also coping with congested traffic. Specific actions include inclusion of greenery along pedestrian and cycling routes, making e-bike accessible also to elderly, creation of green bays for cycling integrated with public transport.

Podgorica and Milan, participating in the sub-group on Management of highly congested road corridors, intend to develop an open-source tool for traffic management (to be potentially shared also with other cities). They outlined that coordination among mobility actors (e.g. Transport agencies, PT operators, Police…) and sharing information (e.g. about traffic regulation, events organization, city times…) is an important aspect of traffic management. The traffic management tool that is going to be tested within the TRIBUTE living labs, will be a mean to engage mobility institutions which may support directly the public administration.

In conclusion, the Municipality of Milano, WP T2 lead partner, presented the updated deadlines for two crucial deliverables:
– “Pilot action identification”, expected deadline September 30th
– “Methodology for the Action Plan”, expected deadline October 15th

It was agreed that prior to the above dates all project partners had to provide the WP T2 leader, with the necessary inputs concerning the description of identified pilot action as an adequate solution to tackle the above-mentioned general and specific challenges, along with the prespecified elements required for Methodology of their Action Plan.